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From 0 to 100

I started sharing blog posts as a way to share the processes of the work I make and am involved in. Largely because I am really interested in processes myself, and thought that was an area in which I could be more generous - so if you wanted to read or see more about it, you could. I also don’t want to be precious. And I realise that there is still editing involved.

This seemed like only a little extra work to do during the pandemic as there was less dancing, but the more work there is to do, the more processes there are to share. I am less clear what the processes are, but I didn’t want this to stop me from sharing them.

There are many word documents open on my laptop, documenting is still very present, and there is cross-referencing, one thing bleeds into the next.

At least the muddling is representative…

There is the scheduling. The discussing and recording when we will do the work.

There is the finding resources and absorbing and recording what we have absorbed.

There is the reflecting on what was absorbed and then the planning for the work. The writing down what we will do.

There is some dancing. Any taking notes and sketches and recordings.

And then planning what we will do next. And how to get there, physically, emotionally, logistically, organically…

There is repetition of lots of these stages. There is the evaluating as you go along and now the filtering through which elements of these to share.

There is this happening for multiple projects at once. As you rearrange the scheduling again.

There are applications to write, reframing what you are working on for different specifications.

And then thinking of new ideas. And meeting new collaborators.

And trying to share the process.

This perhaps feels overwhelming as it is following a stint of time where everything was slower than comfortable and linearity was easy to find.

Writing bits down, lots of paper everywhere, it is unsorted.

There is lots to share.

And I hope to do so soon.

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