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Research / Projects

Taking Breaths (2022)           

A pair of audio guides encouraging sustainability, environmentally and through personal wellbeing.

Created by dance artist Becky Horne, with original music by Ennio the Little Brother. Commissioned by Ginkgo Projects and funded by Zurich Insurance UK.

See project page


You turn, I grab (2022) 

In collaboration with Anna Dighero

Supported by Jerwood Arts 1:1 FUND to investigate ways of maneuvering and sharing weight, using previous individual experiences in contact work and bouldering techniques


See project page


I Will Host a House Party (2021)

A series of charcoal & pencil drawings in response to That which Within by Ville Valikoski. I Will Host a House Party (2021) was created as part of Project Response by Abeerance.

To see the full collection click here

HP 3b.jpg

Audio Hugs (2020/21) 

In collaboration with Anna Dighero

A series of short audio guides for how to give & receive something like a hug when there isn’t a hugger around. 

See project page


A multimedia dance & movement work, including video projection, audio guides & performances, commissioned by We are the Minories as part of Silent Spring.


See project page

MVI_5003_Moment 1.jpg



Thesis and accompanying performance entitled Performing Stillness: an exploration into the overlooked. Changing the emphasis from moving to stillness and dissecting ways in which a dancer can be still in performance.

Some of this is shared in I will embrace stillness in performance an article included in the online version of issue 3 zine Still Life.

‘The closer you get to stillness the more energy it takes. Real passivity is somewhere between quite still and moving a bit.’


A solo physical exploration of my ambition to be a ‘better’ human, through zooming in on character traits I wish I had, and navigating these extremes. Beginning with an attempt to be more open; this dance explores my desires to be more this and more that.

In progress

Collaboration with Theo Arran

A score of moving, stillness and watching. 

A duet. What is shared? What is individual experience?
Moving together and the strengths of non-verbal communication.

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