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A multimedia dance & movement work, including video projection, audio guides & performances, commissioned by We are the Minories as part of Silent Spring. Exhibition open from May - July 2021.

In collaboration with dancers Bun Kobayashi & Ella Fleetwood

MVI_5003_Moment 1.jpg

What is our physical experience of the weather? How does it feel? How can it connect us? 


With reduced access to physical contact with others, and an increasing awareness of our changing climate, through various research methods we question: how does our environment touch us?

Adapted for WaterWays at Camley Street Natural Park, London.

This was comissioned as part of the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme Graduate Projects 2022, Royal College of Art in partnership with ODI.

As weather and soundscape fluctuates, we pass through

A collective experience of spending all day long outside, as three dancers explore what it is to be washed up and hung out to dry

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