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Taking Breaths

Taking Breaths is a participatory digital project, specifically aimed at young people.

With original music by Ennio the Little Brother, this pair of audio guides explores breath as a place where personal wellbeing and consciousness of environmental issues can coexsist. Created for when you need a break from your day: to connect to your body, to connect with the environment, through our breath, what we share and how we inhabit our spaces.

Created in collaboration with Ennio the Little Brother, commissioned by Ginkgo Projects and funded by Zurich Insurance UK. With special thanks to Livia Massarelli 


This work was digitally exhibited in Spring 2022

If you are interested in exhibiting or the possibilities for sharing Taking Breaths with your school, college or workplace - please get in touch 



For further reflections on the process see my The theatre of January blog post. 

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